Trade Information Centre

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Trade Information Centre

The Trade Information Centre (TIC) is a dynamic platform that offers a comprehensive range of internet-based services to facilitate business operations. Our services encompass the provision of both internal and external business details, fostering effective marketing connections with international buyers and sellers, and facilitating communication through our dedicated email address (


As an integral part of RCCI, we are proud to present our official website (, which serves as a valuable promotional resource. Through this platform, we provide a wealth of national and international market-related information, serving as a reliable source for procuring raw materials, and offering crucial business details regarding exports and imports.


At TIC, we understand the significance of consolidated and easily accessible information. Therefore, our center serves as a one-stop hub, where industry professionals and traders can access a diverse array of information relating to industry and trade. We strive to centralize essential data, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations effectively.


With our commitment to excellence and providing valuable resources, TIC plays a pivotal role in bridging the information gap and supporting the growth and development of industries and trade in the region.