Our Team

Our Team

Advocate Sushant Kumar Nanda

Sushant Kumar Nanda boasts an impressive legal career spanning over 18 years, and is the co-founder and partner at Nanda and Nanda Advocates.His extensive journey in the legal profession has honed him into a seasoned practitioner, validating the timeless wisdom that 'An experienced sword knows better fencing.'His legal footprint extends across India, where he maintains a regular presence in esteemed institutions such as the Supreme Court, various High Courts, district courts, and numerous tribunals.

His expertise encompasses a diverse array of legal matters, with a primary focus on contractual and commercial disputes, suits, writ petitions, and arbitration matters, both on the domestic and international fronts. Moreover, his exceptional contributions have received notable acclaim, underscored by his receipt of the prestigious "40 under 40 Achievers" award presented by the esteemed Times Group. This distinguished accolade, bestowed upon him in the category of corporate law firm excellence in North India, stands as a resounding testament to his remarkable achievements and steadfast dedication to the legal profession.

He is renowned for his exceptional skills as a pleader, consistently demonstrating a remarkable ability to present compelling arguments in a wide spectrum of legal matters.His proficiency in articulating legal positions and persuading judges, arbitrators, and opposing parties alike makes him a sought-after legal professional known for his ability to deliver favourable results for his clients.



Advocate Swagat Kumar Nanda

Swagat Kumar Nanda is a highly accomplished legal luminary who is the co-founder and partner at Nanda and Nanda Advocates. With an extensive career spanning nearly two decades, he has consistently showcased his exceptional legal prowess and dedication to the legal profession. His wealth of experience encompasses representing clients before a wide spectrum of legal forums, including the Supreme Court, various High Courts, district courts, and numerous tribunals.

His professional accolades extend beyond his role at Nanda and Nanda Advocates. Notably, he holds the esteemed position of being empanelled as a legal advisor for the Kickboxing Federation of India. Furthermore, his outstanding contributions have garnered significant recognition, exemplified by his receipt of the esteemed "40 under 40 Achievers" award from the renowned Times Group. This prestigious accolade, awarded to him in the category of corporate law firm excellence in North India, serves as a resounding testament to his remarkable accomplishments and unwavering commitment to the legal profession.

As an ardent reader, prolific writer, and dedicated advocate, Mr. Nanda transcends the boundaries of conventional legal practice. He embodies the art of client engagement, forging authentic connections, empathetically understanding unique needs, and skilfully meeting the expectations of our esteemed clientele. 'People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care', his commitment to his clients exemplifies this profound truth, making him a beacon of excellence in the legal realm.




ABOUT: Armaan Bhardwaj completed his integrated B.A; LL.B program in 2018 and subsequently enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi in the same year. After gaining approximately one year of legal practice experience, he pursued LL.M in 2020, specializing in Alternate Dispute Resolution. Following his postgraduate studies, he beganrepresenting clients and appearing before various legal bodies in Delhi includingthe Delhi District Courts, the High Court of Delhi and various Tribunals.

With over five years of professional experience, Armaan’s prospective on his career has evolved significantly. He now provides strategic advice to his clients, addressing a wide range of issues that extend beyond, but are not limited to, matrimonial disputes, arbitration, criminal cases as well as civil disputes. His expertise and experience enable him to guide clients effectively through their legal challenges.




Shivam Sharma Completed his Integrated Law in the year 2021 and thereafter, he enrolled with Bar Council of Delhi in the Same Year. He is an Ambitious, Passionate, Enthusiastic and committed Advocate who possesses a genuine interest and understanding of the subjects of law. Thrives in dynamic environments and quickly adapts to ever-changing demands of the legal field.

Shivam Sharma is known for his meticulous attention to detail, sound litigation strategy and staunch conflict resolution acumen as hepublished his numerous Articles, Blogs and Writ-Ups on different Online Platforms but primarily handles matters in the Delhi High Court, District Courts and Tribunals in Delhi in a wide range of practice areas including those relating to all types of Civil and Criminal matters.He advises Clients on litigation strategy in sync with the client’s objectives.



Vanshika Khandelwal

Vanshika Khandelwal is an advocate, a semi-qualified CS and an AIR holder. She credits her passion to be a lawyer to her father who has influenced her career choice deeply and believes him to be one of the most transformative influences in her life, she very proudly declares that ‘I have tried with much less style and grace, and little success to model myself on him as a young lawyer and more than anything else as a human’.

She represents clients before district courts, various forums and the Delhi High Court. She possesses a profound passion for words, which has honed her into an exceptional draftsman. She has been able to comingle her legal expertise with her sharp business sense, and in the process has emerged as an individual with a deep nuanced understanding of the subject.

She lives her life based on the philosophy that ‘Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly’ and that one can achieve heights by being neither clever nor worldly but simple, compassionate and wise and taking themselves lightly.