Terracota Clay Pottery

Terracota Clay Pottery



The main objective of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industries (RCCI) initiative is to address the issue of non-registration of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) with the District Industry Centre and other relevant government agencies. This aims to provide support and assistance to MSEs in the villages of Ramgarh and Baggar Rajput in the Alwar district.




The RCCI initiative focuses on two key clusters: Village Ramgarh and Village Baggar Rajput, both located in the Alwar district. These clusters have been identified as areas with a significant presence of MSEs that are currently not registered with the appropriate government agencies.


Direct Beneficiaries:

A total of 45 MSEs are expected to benefit directly from the RCCI initiative. These MSEs will receive various forms of support and assistance to enhance their business operations and ensure compliance with registration requirements.


Capacity Building Programmes:

As part of the RCCI initiative, two capacity building programmes have been conducted to empower the MSEs in the target clusters:

A) Bar-coding & Export Promotion Programme (10.7.2007):

A capacity building programme focused on bar-coding and export promotion was organized in Alwar on July 10, 2007. Bar coding enables easy identification and tracking of products from the point of production to the point of use. This programme aimed to educate and equip the MSEs with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement bar coding effectively in their business processes.

B) Capacity Building Programme for Self-Help Groups (SHGs) (21.4.2008):

A capacity building programme specifically designed for the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) of Ramgarh and Baggar Rajput was organized on April 21, 2008. This programme aimed to provide marketing empowerment and expose the SHGs to a competitive environment at a low cost. The objective was to enhance their understanding of marketing strategies and enable them to effectively compete in the market.

Programme Outcomes:

The capacity building programmes conducted under the RCCI initiative have yielded positive outcomes for the MSEs. As a result of the programmes, 28 MSEs in the target clusters have directly benefited. These MSEs have gained marketing empowerment, exposure to a competitive environment, and have been able to operate at a lower cost.

The RCCI initiative continues to work towards its goal of encouraging MSEs in Ramgarh and Baggar Rajput to register with the relevant government agencies and avail the benefits and support provided by the government for their growth and development.