Capacity Enhancement Interventions – All Sectors

Capacity Enhancement Interventions – All Sectors

A. RCCI organized a comprehensive Capacity Building Programme on March 28, 2007, specifically designed for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) and Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs) operating in the Textile, Wool & Woolen Products, Rural Craft & Culture, and Agro Product Processing sectors. The programme witnessed active participation from 92 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and 18 BDSPs.

B. In collaboration with MSEs from the Textile sector in Sanganer, RCCI successfully organized the Sanganer Textile Cluster Development/Business Enhancement Meet. This event aimed to foster growth and advancement within the Textile industry in Sanganer.

C. Under the theme of 'Scaling the Peak of Professional Excellence,' RCCI partnered with the Chief Commissioner of Central Excise & Customs to organize a notable Capacity Building Programme on March 21, 2007. The programme provided valuable insights and knowledge to enhance the professional capabilities of the participants.

D. RCCI facilitated a Programme cum Interaction Session on Stress Management for the owners, managers of MSEs, BDSPs, and the RCCI Project Team. Conducted by Dr. Rashmi on October 29, 2007, in Jaipur and Sanganer, this session aimed to address stress-related challenges and provide effective strategies for managing them.

E. As part of RCCI's continuous efforts to enhance capacity across all sectors, a Capacity Enhancement Programme showcasing value-added and diversified products was organized on April 30, 2008. This programme proved beneficial for 28 BDSPs and MSEs, enabling them to explore new avenues for growth and development.


These capacity enhancement interventions, organized by RCCI, reflect the organization's commitment to fostering the growth and sustainability of Micro and Small Enterprises in various sectors. Through these programmes, RCCI aims to empower and equip MSEs and BDSPs with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to thrive in a competitive business environment.