Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

"Nurturing Rajasthan's Prosperity, Empowering Industry" Is the premier vision of the Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) and its members.

"Driving Growth, Empowering Rajasthan"

Mission of Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce & Industry:

  • Promote Trade, Commerce, Industry, and Mining: RCCI aims to foster the growth and development of trade, commerce, industry, and mining in Rajasthan, as well as contribute to the overall progress of the country.


  • Coordinate and Advocate: RCCI strives to coordinate with various government authorities, local bodies, national chambers, committees, and financial institutions. It actively engages in advocating for the interests of the business community on matters related to trade, commerce, industry, manufacturing, and banking.


  • Alleviate Poverty through Micro Enterprises: RCCI is committed to poverty alleviation through the development and promotion of micro enterprises in selected sectors. It seeks to create opportunities and empower individuals through entrepreneurship and economic growth.


  • Knowledge Sharing and Skill Development: RCCI organizes seminars, symposia, workshops, and other knowledge-sharing platforms on subjects relevant to industry, trade, and commerce. It aims to enhance the skills and expertise of its members and promote the exchange of ideas and best practices.


  • Collaboration with Governments and Institutions: RCCI actively interacts with central and state governments, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and departmental agencies. It works towards effective implementation of socio-economic and industrial promotional projects and policies, contributing to the overall development of the region.


  • Information Hub: RCCI serves as an effective information bureau for the trade and industry community. It provides timely and relevant information on various aspects such as market trends, policies, regulations, and business opportunities to its members and stakeholders.


  • National and International Engagements: RCCI organizes, conducts, and participates in national and international exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops, and social welfare camps. It actively seeks to establish liaison with trade representatives, organizations, and associations of foreign countries. These efforts facilitate study tours, exchange visits, and the establishment of import-export consortia, subcontracting exchanges, and joint marketing agencies.